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Car Security Viper fitted €385.00

Product Category: Security Systems
  • XR+ super-heterodyne receiver for up to 1/4 mile range
  • Security/keyless entry system
  • Clone-Safe Code-Hopping
  • Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor
  • Failsafe Starter Kill
  • Revenger 6-tone siren
  • 2 auxiliary outputs
  • Includes two 1-Way remotes

Product Description

This Viper Car Security System will wrap your vehicle in protection, with the most sophisticated electronic technologies available today, including the Stinger DoubleGuard shock sensor, Revenger six-tone siren and Failsafe Starter Kill.

Now featuring 4-button remotes, Control Center and XR+ receiver. This state-of-the-art system also offers in-demand convenience features like keyless entry.


ESP2 is Viper’s exclusive serial communications protocol that allows extra ultra-security, high-speed communication between systems and enables many of Viper’s key features.

XR Plus

Car Security System Viper recently made a significant performance upgrade to the RF receiver section of many of our award-winning security and remote start systems. The new XR+ Extreme Range superheterodyne receiver has an improved sensitivity specification of between 3 dB and 6 DB, which equates to a measurable range increase on the order of 15%. It also offers improved image rejection for certain types of RF interference, resulting in improved reliability.

Car Security System is SmartStart Compatible

Start, control, or locate your car from virtually anywhere with your smartphone.

Please refer to the technology section of Car Security System Viper 3105v for more information about security technologies used in this security system.

You can add a Viper SmartStart module to any compatible Viper remote start or security with a remote start system to make your system SmartStart ready. By adding a VSM350 module, your system will also be ready for SmartStart GPS.

car security system
Car Security Viper fitted €385.00 2