Keetec BS 400

Product Category: Parking Sensors
  • the LED display enables graphic signalization of  obstacles with an optional mirror display
  • acoustic obstacle signalization
  • adjustable acoustic signalization setting
  • adjustable sensor sensitivity
  • Anti-hook feature for adapting to the permanent protrusion
  • option to change the characteristics of the unit for use in the front of the vehicle (1m-0,3m)
  • Speed signal input for activation of the front parking assist (possibility to use KEETEC M CAN module for activation of the front parking assist at low speed using CAN BUS)

Product Description

Parking Assistant KEETEC is designed for installation in the rear bumper of the vehicle. When reversing, the system warns the driver with acoustic signals in the range from 1.5m to 0.3m. The system contains **Antihook function** (ignoring the tow bar or the spare wheel of the vehicle), which ensures that the parking sensor is not blocked by the tow bar or spare wheel on the tail as a barrier. The range of the sensor is from 0.3 to 1.5 m. BS 400 can be additionally equipped with an LED display. Power supply from 9 to 16 V.

4 sensors with a diameter of 19 mm included, with an adjustable range for use in the back or front of the vehicle. The sensitivity of the sensors is continuously adjustable.

If installed in the front bumper, the system allows to change of the range of the sensors (0,3 to 1 m) and to change the buzzer volume control. For this purpose BS 400 includes an input for connecting a vehicle speed signal, which automatically turns on / off when crossing the set speed.

Distance from the obstacles is indicated by the frequency of acoustic signals. The minimal distance for acoustic signalization can be set either from 1.5 m or from 0.5 m.

Package Contents:

  • Control unit
  • 4 piece sensors with a diameter of 19 mm and cabling
  • Buzzer with cabling
  • Drilling tool for making a hole in the bumper
  • switch to turn off the parking assist (into 14,6mm hole)

Technical parameters:

  • Power supply: 9-16V
  • Operating temperature: -30 up to +70°C
  • Current: 20-200 mA
  • An ultrasonic wave of sensors: 40kHz