Keyless Entry

Keyless Entry System

Product Category: Central Locking

Product Description

Keyless entry Bene 302 comes with 2 remote controllers with hopping code, relay output with adjustable impulse duration, double impulse, trunk release, AUX, and intelligent hazard light output.

BENE 302 is a keyless entry module for central locking. It is suitable for any kind of central locking system with mechanical key control. The package includes two remote controllers, with hopping code communications. It is possible learning into modules of up to 6 pcs remote controllers.

Module BENE 302 allow the selection of many functions by request of specifical vehicles:

  • selectable lock/unlock impulse duration
  • selectable impulse duration of the trunk release
  • selectable impulse duration of AUX output
  • AUX output as closure windows ( VW group vehicles), or another purpose
  • operational mode for control lights – normal, continuous, pulse
  • control lights – it is possible to use with fixed periods of blinking or by Control lights input.
  • special function – remote relay (3 relay outputs controlled by remote. Usable as: control of garage doors, winch bumper, etc. )
Keyless Entry Remote controllers
  • 1 way remote: 2pcs with three buttons
  • range of remote controller: 50 meters
  • number of programmed remote controllers: 6
  • finding vehicle by remote: yes
  • output on directional lights: yes
  • output for perimeter: yes
  • AUX output: yes – impulse duration selectable
  • AUX output current: 200 mA
  • output for trunk release: relay
  • comfort closure impulse: yes
Central locking
  • output type: relay
  • the control signal for electrical central locking: yes
  • the control signal for pneumatic central locking: yes
  • double unlock impulse: yes
  • double lock impulse: yes
Technical parameters
  • operational temperature: -40°C — +80°C
  • voltage supply: 10 -16 V
  • RF communication: with hopping code
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