Proximity Disturbance Sensor 508D

Proximity Disturbance Sensor 508D

Product Category: Alarms Accessory
  • Invisi beam Field Disturbance Sensor
  • Generates two invisible detection fields around your vehicle
  • Offers either a Warn Away response or full alarm
  • Great for convertibles, trucks or any car
  • Detects moving high-density objects using RF field-disturbance technology

Product Description

Protect your vehicle with a Directed Sensor 508D invisible sensing field that detects moving high-density objects (including people) near your car using Radio Frequency (RF) field disturbance technology.

It emits a radio wave and looks for any disturbances in the wave, which if detected can trigger a warn away signal or a full trigger of your car security system.

The 508D is one of the most accurate motion sensors in the car security market and is a great addition to any security system.

Proximity Disturbance Sensor 508D

Ideal for convertibles, or any application where zone-intrusion protection is desired. Violation of the outer field can provoke siren chirps (or a WarnAway message from an optional voice module) while intrusion into the inner zone will trigger the system’s siren.

ATTENTION: Suggested for convertibles or soft-top vehicles!

The 508D can also be used for standard roof vehicles, for times you wish to arm the vehicle with the windows down if someone reaches in your alarm will trigger. This sensor features a dual sensitivity adjustment feature, where you can adjust the inner and outer fields (inner field is a full trigger, the outer field is warned away)

Proximity Disturbance Sensor 508D
Proximity Disturbance Sensor 508D 2