StarLine i95

Product Category: Alarms, Immobilizer, StarLine Alarm

2.4HGz wireless tags, dialog code authorization, reliable engine blocking, and hood lock control, hands-free mode, and optional interior control and indication module Compact waterproof housing allows hidden installation in any place of the engine compartment, such as inside of car wiring

Product Description

StarLine i95 – reliable anti-theft immobilizer system

StarLine i95 immobilizer with 2.4 GHz dialogue authorization, wireless engine locking, electromechanical bonnet lock control, and Free Hands mode.
Convenient entry of the emergency unlock code in case of loss of tags, an indication of the current security model, the owner’s presence signal, warning signals before the lock, telematics
The IP67-protected case prevents dust and moisture from entering the device and allows it to be installed in the most difficult place to reach

Smart Dialog

Smart dialogue control code with individual encryption keys guarantees reliable protection against all known code grabbers

Hood Lock Control

Reliable engine compartment and wiring protection is provided by automatic hood locking (available with the use of optional StarLine L11+, StarLine L10 hood locks)

Record Energy Efficiency

Due to patented progressive technologies and firmware solutions StarLine i95 guarantees low energy consumption, saving sufficient car battery charge in arm mode: up to 150 days for i95 LUX, i95 and up to 200 days for i95 ECO

Transistor Power Switches

Transistor power switches provide immobilizer silent operating and protection from accidental short circuit

Extended Temperature Range

Due to high-quality components StarLine i95 security — telematic systems stably operate in severe climatic conditions at temperatures from −40°С to +85°С


StarLine i95 protects against theft and hijacking with safe engine blocking in motion if the tag is not detected

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