StarLine V66

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• the small dimensions of the main unit allow installing it in a place
hard to reach for malefactors;
• the sealed housing protects against the aggressive ambient
• the magnetic contact ensures reliable protection of the trunk;
• the minimum power consumption in the security mode allows for
very long saving of the storage battery charge (up to 100 days);
• automatic identification of the motor vehicle owner at tag or
smartphone detection in the visibility area;
• convenient user setting of system operation parameters using the
owner’s smartphone;
• reliable operation in radio interference conditions thanks to the
frequency hopping spread spectrum method;
• protection against smart tampering.

Product Description

StarLine V66 – innovative immobilizer for motorbikes

The StarLine V66 motor immobilizer is intended for motor vehicle theft protection by engine blocking and alerting the nearby people of security zone violations by sound and light signals.

The motorcycle owner is authorized by the wireless exchange between the tag and the main unit via the Bluetooth Smart (BLE) protocol using an algorithm protecting against data interception at the moment of device registration.

Authorization can be performed using the tag, included in the delivery set, or a smartphone supporting the BLE protocol and registered in the system using the StarLine application.

Bluetooth Smart Authorization

To start driving owner should pass authorization by a small waterproof wireless tag or smartphone with StarLine Key App (available for iOS and Android smartphones with Bluetooth 4.2 version and above)

Smart 3D Sensor

Smart 3D control with remote settings registers shocks, tilts and evacuation of a motorbike

Record Energy Efficiency

StarLine V66 guarantees low energy consumption, saving sufficient motorbike battery charge up to 80 days in arm mode due to patented progressive technologies and firmware solutions

Radio Noise Immunity

StarLine V66 system efficiently operates in the city with extreme radio interference due to integrated Bluetooth Smart signal

Trunk Protection

A magnetic sensor protects the trunk in the armed mode and activates an alarm in case of attempts to open the trunk

Extended Temperature Range

Due to high-quality components StarLine V66 security-telematic systems stably operate in severe climatic conditions at temperatures from −40°C to +85°C

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