Viper 515R-1

Backup Battery Siren Viper 515R

Product Category: Alarms Accessory
  • Self-Powered siren
  • All Viper alarms
  • Self-Charging back-up battery
  • Can interface with any existing alarm

Product Description

Great add-on to Car Alarms for more Security

Backup Battery boost the security system of your install with this optional Backup Battery Siren 515R, which will continue to sound even if would-be thieves are able to locate and silence your primary siren.
The built-in rechargeable batteries make sure the siren keeps sounding even if all the wires are cut or the battery of the car is disconnected!

Backup Battery

Should be installed in a different part of the vehicle from the primary.
Please discuss optimal locations with your installer.

Main Features:
Universal fitting, It will fit any road vehicles
Loud 120dB 20W 12v Siren
Compatible with car alarms
Keeps sounding even if all the wires are cut
Includes override keys
Dimensions (approx.): 75 x 55 x 80 mm
Quality Products at fantastic prices!

Red: Constant Positive
Black: Ground
White: Positive trigger from alarm OR Blue: Negative trigger from alarm

Package Contents:
Siren Battery Backup 12v + override keys
Includes Mounting Bracket

Backup Battery Siren Viper 515R
Backup Battery Siren Viper 515R 2