Bluetooth Hands-Free Music Kit Parrot MKi9100...
    Bluetooth Hands-Free Music Kit Parrot MKi9100 Supply and Fitted

    Bluetooth Hands-Free Music Kit Parrot MKi9100 Supply and Fitted

    Features and Specifications:

    • MP3
    • Vocal recognition
    • Wireless controls
    • OLED/ LCD screen
    • Automatic synchronisation
    • Bluetooth/ USB connection
    • Recognises up to 5 numbers
    • Immediate connection when switched on Double adjustable external microphone
    • Noise reduction, echo cancellation, DSP 3


    Make calls and manage your music, all while driving

    The Parrot MKI 9100 system is a Bluetooth hands-free kit combining the latest technology with relevant features allowing you to stay connected and experience the road in a whole new way.

    You can see all kinds of useful information; phone contacts, menus and settings as well as switching through songs on a playlist!

    Equipped with dual microphone technology and signal processing software (DSP-3) you can enjoy crystal clear conversations.

    Multi-user vocal recognition

    All Bluetooth Hands-Free MKi car kits integrate multi-user voice recognition and vocal synthesis function, which is useful if there is more than one person using the same car.

    The Parrot MKI 9100 allows the pairing of up to 5 mobile phones.

    Automatic Synchronisation

    The MKi kit automatically syncs the contact names and numbers of the device that it is paired with and is updated every time a new contact is added to the mobile device.

    Simple activation / use

    To access your phonebook and make a call, simply press the green button to activate the integrated voice recognition:

    The Parrot MKI 9100 kit will recognise your voice and will start dialling the number of your chosen contact.

    You can also access the phonebook directly and scroll through your contacts whilst the system reads them out, thanks to its vocal synthesis function.

    When you receive a call, the caller’s name and number will be displayed on the OLED screen, if you wish to continue the conversation privately, transfer it instantly to your mobile phone.

    Wireless controls for Bluetooth Hands-Free

    The Parrot MKI 9100 comes with remote control, connect it directly to your steering wheel. – This control allows direct access to main functions; hang up, pick up, pause and volume control.

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