Viper 3901v CAN OEM
    Viper 3901v CAN OEM

    Viper 3901v CAN OEM

    • Doors, hood, trunk, and ignition protection

    • Built-in Stinger Double Guard Shock Sensor
    • Revenger 6-tone Siren
    • Failsafe Starter Kill
    • Super Bright LED
    • Parking Light Flash
    • Horn Honk Output
    • AUX Output
    • Optional Sensor Input (MUX) Port

    • Directed CANBUS security systems are all Remote Start compatible and can be used to activate an add-on remote start module

    • *Some features not available on all vehicles


    CANBUS allows the security system to communicate with the vehicle via high-speed digital data, through either a single wire or a twisted pair, which ensures a robust connection with minimal wiring connections to the vehicle.

    Connection to the CANBUS eliminates the need for many of the analogues necessary in traditional, hard-wired, security systems cutting the installation time, in many cases, down by as much as 50%.

    CANBUS communicates with most of the electronic security and convenience systems throughout the vehicle, so the alarm remains in sync with the vehicle at all times.

    When the vehicle is equipped with a factory security system, it works in sync with the Directed CANBUS security system and all factory functionality is retained.

    The 3901v is the most advanced and sophisticated CANBUS upgrade alarm on the market.

    The 3901v is the result of many years of research and development by Directed Electronics International (DEI).

    DEI is the largest car security manufacturer in the world and has custom-designed this compact alarm system to not only interpret the vehicle's CANBUS network but to communicate with it.

    This gives the Viper system the ability to read and interpret all the alarm requirements whilst being able to control the data network in the car and operate particular features such as the blinkers, windows and ignition system through the connection of only 1 or 2 wires.

    This design makes the system very simple to install covertly and with minimal intrusion into your vehicle's wiring system.

    Directed Electronics / Viper have specifically designed firmware for every vehicle ensuring seamless integration to each vehicle.

    In some cases, the 3901v can even unlock additional factory optional features such as automatic window closing when you activate your alarm.

    Viper 3901v CAN OEM Security Upgrade System. (programmable) Use the OEM keyless entry remote to control the arm & disarm via the CAN BUS.

    *CAN BUS security systems are all Remote Start compatible and can be used to activate a 561T remote start module.

    *Some features not available on all vehicles

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