Viper 350 Plus
    Viper 350 Plus

    Viper 350 Plus

    • Automotive keyless entry and security system
    • Two 4-button 1-way transmitters up to a 1500-foot range
    • Lock/arm, Unlock/disarm, auxiliary, and panic
    • Clone-Safe Code-Hopping for added security
    • Stinger DoubleGuard Shock Sensor chirps when the vehicle's bumped and sets off the alarm with further violations
    • Neo Revenger 6-Tone Siren 120 dB weatherproof siren
    • Failsafe Starter Kill prevents hot-wiring
    • Anti-carjacking protection
    • Two auxiliary channels, dome light supervision, and parking light flash
    • Valet mode overrides the alarm


    Car Security System Viper’s Model 350 Plus 1-way security system will deter most criminal attacks against your vehicle and the property you keep inside it, you’ll feel safe and secure no matter where you park. The system uses features like Starter Kill, which prevents hot-wiring, and a dual-stage shock sensor, which warns you if someone tries to get into your car. The system’s 6-tone siren chirps an early warning in the case of an intrusion attempt and then unleashes an ear-splitting blast if the intrusion continues, chasing away crooks and attracting attention. Whether you’re shopping, dining out, or hitting the clubs, you can be sure that your car will be exactly where you left it.

    Viper includes a control centre in this security package that includes a valet switch, a bright blue LED status indicator that tells would-be thieves that there’s a security system onboard, and a special RF receiver and antenna, which extends the range of the system’s remotes to over a quarter-mile. Two 4-button remote transmitters come with the system, and you can purchase a replacement remote if you lose yours.

    Car Security System ESP2

    The Car Security System Viper Model 350 Plus features ESP2, Viper’s exclusive serial communications protocol that allows extra ultra-security, high-speed communication between systems, and enables many of Viper’s key features.

    Clone-Safe Code-Hopping

    To prevent the unauthorized cloning of the remote’s transmitter, the receiver and remote controls each use mathematical algorithms to change their codes each time the remote is used. The control unit knows what the next codes should be, even if you use the remote control out of range of the vehicle or the battery has been removed. Should the remote and control unit ever get “out of sync”, you can easily re-sync the remote by pressing the “lock” button several times within range of the vehicle.

    Failsafe Starter Kill

    To prevent your vehicle from being stolen, the control unit has a built-in relay that will disable the starter. The Automatic Engine Disable (AED) feature, when programmed “on,” disables the starter 30 seconds after the ignition is turned off. To start the car, it will be necessary to disarm the system with the remote control.

    Stinger Double-Guard Shock Sensor

    The car security system features the Stinger Double-Guard Shock Sensor, which is designed to pick up impacts to the vehicle or glass. The sensitivity of the shock sensor is adjustable on the control module. When the sensitivity is set, a light impact will generate the “Warn-Away” pre-warning chirp of the siren. A harder impact will trigger a full alarm blast.

    XR Plus

    The remote and control unit utilizes Viper’s exclusive XR Plus technology, with Super Heterodyne Extreme Long Range receiver technology. To enhance the range of the remote controls, a separate plug-in antenna is included with the alarm. The working range of the car security system is approximately 1500 feet.

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